Youth Support Puerto Vallarta Beach and River Cleanup Campaign


Ahead of the summer vacation season and Easter vacation, the beaches of Puerto Vallarta will have cleanup actions by volunteer groups and authorities.

The inaugural act of the campaign to clean up bodies of water brought together a group of students from Campus 7 of Jalisco State High School College (COBAEJ), led by its director, teacher Jorge Armando Ibarra Morales, who led with enthusiasm for cleaning actions on the beach of Camarones.

This event brought together Councilor Sara Mosqueda Torres, representing the Mayor of the city, who was accompanied by the President of the DIF System of Puerto Vallarta, María de Jesús López Delgado; Councilors José Rodríguez González and Christian Eduardo Alonso Robles, recognized those who have come together to support these actions that benefit all living beings in our environment. “It is important to give back to the universe all that it gives us, and it is wonderful that this is done in collaboration with the educational sector, promoting respect and protection of the environment.”

Speaking, Vania Daniela, a student at COBAEJ, pointed out that “we proudly support the cleaning of our beaches, because we want to encourage the responsible participation of all citizens and contribute to the ecological problems that Puerto Vallarta is experiencing. Today we start cleaning the following beaches: Camarones, Tranquila, Las Glorias, Los Tules, Boca de Tomates, Holiday Inn and the Paso del Guayabo and Pitillal rivers”, expressing that their colleagues are already carrying out other actions as as green space rescue team, product recycling, reforestation, health days, among others.

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On the part of the municipal authorities, it was pointed out that various ecological awareness projects are promoted, so this campaign aims to raise awareness of the population on the importance of keeping clean our most beautiful resources which are the beaches, the sea, and the rivers so that it can be enjoyed for generations.

In this case, we have tried to ensure that it is not a government-only campaign, but a campaign that actively includes society, emphasizing on this occasion the enthusiasm of these young people and their teachers, to prevent waste from reaching the sea and contaminate our bay.

In this event there was also the participation of the directors of urban development, Adriana Guzmán Jiménez; Public Services, José Ascención Gil Calleja; and Civil Protection and Firefighters, Gerardo Alonzo Castillón; in addition to the deputy director of the Environment, Ricardo Cerezo Ortiz.

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