Why people support national park travelers

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As a news organization covering the entire network of national parks, the National parks traveler appeals to a lot of people for a variety of reasons. Here is an overview of why some of our supporters see great merit in the Traveler and encourage you to support this non-profit media on Give Tuesdayon November 30th as part of our end of year fundraiser which ends on December 31st.

Frank Dean, CEO of the Yosemite Conservatory

“The National parks traveler is a great source for park news and I use it all the time. The Traveler The website also serves as a forum and a quick way to take the pulse of issues resonating with the larger community of park supporters. I believe the traveler provides an important service and deserves our support.

Phil Francis, President of Coalition for the Protection of American National Parks

“We worked with Kurt and the Traveler for several years and I appreciate his determination to report issues affecting the National Park Service. Kurt provides excellent insight into the issues and operations of the park and brings his findings, questions and opinions to millions of readers, many of whom are park supporters and users. His work is an important part of the overall effort to ensure that parks are protected for the benefit of future generations and that the park’s important resources are preserved. “

Lori Schaefer, Director of Communications, Friends of Acadia

“From climate change to sustainable tourism, to the management of wildlife and natural resources, to the financing of our parks, National parks traveler helps highlight some of the common challenges our national parks face today. The of the traveler An independent voice and multimedia approach appeals to visitors and potential visitors, park enthusiasts and advocates, as well as anyone interested in exploring and conserving these very special places that belong to all of us.

George Stone, Editor-in-Chief, Travel, National Geographic

National parks traveler is essential daily read for anyone interested in the conservation and exploration of our national parks and other public lands. From politics to ecology, community interests to climate change, adventures and animals to everyday heroes saving parks for future generations, the nonprofit’s urgent reports are pushing the dial on the road. preservation and encourage readers to cherish and defend our beautiful wilderness.

Carolyn Ward, CEO, Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation

“The National parks traveler is the trusted source for national park news. With the loss of so much independent journalism in this country, coupled with the critical importance of our national parks, it is more important than ever that we ensure the preservation of the National parks traveler.

Laurie Ward, CEO, Washington National Parks Fund

The National parks traveler is THE source of information that comes out of our national parks. It is an important voice. While I may disagree with the content from time to time, I also greatly appreciate any topic I discover.

Saul Weisberg, Cascades North Institute Founder and Executive Director Emeritus (retired)

I have loved national parks since I was six and have spent my career living and working in and around them. National park traveler keeps the public (and parks) informed. No one else does it as consistently or as well. Their approach to independent journalism is essential for parks to remain relevant to the next generation. We cannot afford to lose this essential resource.

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