Trakstar launches integrated end-to-end people management

SEATTLE, June 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Trakstar, the SaaS-based employee engagement and performance management provider, announced it is integrating the company’s previously modular solutions into a single, unified Trakstar platform. Under the Trakstar brand, customers now have access to better hiring with Trakstar Rental (formerly Recruiterbox), integration and development of employees facilitated with Trakstar Learn (formerly Mindflash), and tools for continuous performance management and engagement with Trakstar Perform (formerly Trakstar). By combining the three best business solutions, Trakstar provides its customers with a cloud-based platform that will unlock the flexibility and insight they need to make better data-driven decisions at every stage of the business cycle. employee life.

In addition to the full range of existing capabilities, Trakstar customers will soon benefit from the platform’s enhanced data analytics and a simplified user experience. Trakstar Hire provides a single portal for users to post job vacancies, submit reviews, perform reviews and complete compliance reports. Trakstar Learn, which helps businesses create engaging training content and experiences, is secured with granular administrator permissions and enriched with real-time monitoring and customizable content and branding options. In addition to performance assessment tools, continuous feedback and goal setting by employees, Trakstar Perform now also offers centralized performance data and benchmarks for administrators.

With Trakstar, companies can integrate employee development and performance activities into larger HR ecosystems while providing a single dashboard for employee notifications and documentation. The new platform offers state-of-the-art integration with existing HRIS and payroll systems. With intelligent workflows for the employee journey, centralized user management and SSO functionality between solutions, the Trakstar platform dashboard also provides easy system administration and real-time visibility into processes. HR previously siled and manual. Additionally, Trakstar brings speed to customer value, with an implementation process that facilitates full customer adoption in less than six weeks.

“The way organizations recruit and develop talent is changing faster than anyone thought possible. Businesses will need data and technology to meet these evolving challenges, ”said Julie Rieken, CEO of Trakstar. “As the only end-to-end people management platform, Trakstar helps our customers thrive in this digital world by harnessing data to unlock actionable insights and create a seamless employee experience. “

“We are really excited about the integrated Trakstar platform. Their combined system of hiring, performance and learning management will save us time, money and resources. We are eager to discover information we have never had before, ”said Helen Rome, Director of Human Resources at Bryan Construction.

The launch of this platform comes as organizations are reshaping people management processes to adapt to new ways of working in a tightening labor market. While HR leaders have more influence in the boardroom than ever before, their leadership position can quickly erode if the talent management strategy fails. Recent research shows that 52 percent of American employees continue to work in remote or hybrid structures, even though more than 50% of employees plan to change jobs in 2021. There is a growing demand among employers and HR for data-driven tools to help find, hire and retain top talent, with the market for employee performance and feedback software now expected to grow. nearly 15 percent per year until 2026.

About Trakstar
Trakstar believes people are happier and healthier when they know their work matters. Trusted by more than 3,500 clients including Dyson, Ben & Jerry’s and Make A Wish, the Trakstar platform provides a powerful suite of solutions that equip HR teams with talent acquisition, training and performance management technologies. new generation. Trakstar has spent 20 years designing data-driven tools to deliver personalized insights for every stage of the employee lifecycle.

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