The Ultimate People Management App

When managing people, communication and paperwork are inevitable. Whether it’s scheduling, payroll, task management, or training, there are plenty of documents and conversations to follow.

Even if your team is small, you can’t avoid people management, especially if you’re solely responsible for everyone.

This is where Connecteam comes in handy. With its comprehensive suite of tools, you can master paperwork, communicate day-to-day items to your staff, and avoid costly payroll mistakes, all in one place with no HR experience.


Read on if you want to know more about its main features.

Time-saving features with Connecteam

Overall, you’re going to save a lot of time by having all of your employee management tools in one piece of software rather than going back and forth between dozens of apps.

When using Connecteam’s Operations Hub, you no longer need to switch between Excel, project management tools, emails, SMS, paper documents and wherever else you find yourself looking for details.

In addition to covering your software needs, you can also say goodbye to printed and handwritten timesheets and the need to chase after people to get them.

In fact, Connecteam’s streamlined communication and work tools make things like scheduling, time logging, and task assignments crystal clear to everyone, meaning a lot less back and forth for all.

Here’s a quick overview of the main features of Connecteam’s Operations Hub that make it easier to oversee and support your team.

1. Employee Scheduling

Create a schedule in Connecteam is as easy as entering details into a form. In addition to the Name, Date, Start Time, and End Time fields, you can:

  • Assign multiple users to the same shift
  • Allow users to assign themselves to unclaimed shifts
  • Opt for reusable models
  • Repeat recurring shifts

Once you hit Publish, Connecteam sends a notification to the employees you’ve assigned, and they can check the details right in the app. You will no longer need to print or email timetables, and no one will misplace vital information.

What’s more, the Work planning The tool offers several features to prevent conflicts:

  • Shift Approval gives your team members the ability to approve or deny items in their schedule
  • Unavailability marking allows employees to let you know the dates and times when they cannot work
  • Setting limits puts restrictions in place to prevent over and under schedule changes

To avoid having to edit your schedule once you’ve posted it, you can use the task scheduling tools combined with Connecteam’s time request feature. Each time an employee submits a time request, you will find it under Current requests in the Clock interface.

2. Quick task management

In addition to creating a detailed schedule, you can assign Shift Tasks each time block so your employees can tackle specific schedule assignments.

If you want to reach out to clarify these points, or if anyone is stuck, the shift activity offers a chat window between you and the employees you have assigned to the shift.

Connecteam also offers a Quick Tasks tool to save you from having to text or email assignments to individuals. Define a task once, assign the relevant employees and everyone is automatically in the know. Getting started is easyand here you can get details with dates, times, descriptions, and subtasks for additional context.

Essentially, you’ll have all the time-saving benefits of a dedicated project management tool at your fingertips.

As the Gap activity tab in the scheduler, you can also communicate directly with employees through the tab comments tab if there are any questions or follow-ups.

Having the feedback tool right in the task means no more searching for previous communications in other apps. With the Quick Tasks tool, you and your employees can quickly find or view all task-related messages in their respective places.

3. Employee Clock

When it’s time to clock in, your employees can use the app on their mobile device or The Connecteam Kiosk app if your team is stationary. All they have to do is tap Start of shift.

On the backend, Connecteam gives you a real-time overview of everyone’s logs under the Today tab in the Clock tool.

Here you can communicate with your team members, and if they’re moving from job to job, you can see where they are on the map to make sure they’re on schedule and everything is running smoothly. goes well.

Connecteam also allows you to use virtual perimeters or geolocation to ensure your employees are at a specific location when they check in. Say goodbye to friend fistfights and time theft once and for all.

There are many ways to customize your clock to suit your workplace, including your pay cycle, overtime qualifications, breaks, jobs, and other things more convenient for you and your team.

In addition, you can request that the software generate lists of employees who exceeded overtime, were absent or did not clock.

As everyone logs their time, the software also uses the information to generate timesheets.

4. Online timesheets

Within the Timesheets , you can view, edit, and track employee time records. Here you can also view time requests, check absences, and view job information.

When you click on individual timesheets, Connecteam alerts you to any conflicts such as overlapping shifts and change requests if an employee knows they made a mistake when tracking their time.

It also gives a simple overview of their tracking so you can correct or highlight and ask about discrepancies. Once ready for payroll, you can export totals, timesheets or team reports. Connecteam automatically integrates with QuickBooks and Gusto, making payroll easy with the click of a button.

5. Digital forms and checklists

The Shapes Connecteam’s Operations hub tool makes paperwork accessible to those who need to find and use it. It also eliminates the need to print or email forms, meaning they won’t get lost somewhere along the way.

When you create forms and checklists in Connecteam, you can assign them to Smart groups– automatic clusters of users with the same job, location, start date or anything else you can think of – or individuals. If the request is urgent, send a notification after you post it, or silently add it to the Forms Library if not.

The Shapes functionality facilitates integration. Plus, your staff will always have the forms they need on hand, which means less paperwork related to security issues and requests. It’s as easy as creating a Google Form if you’ve already created one, but better because it’s where you need it.

Plus, you can get creative with the Forms tool to automate and standardize processes. For example, you can outline workflows using checklists or create easy ways to submit electronic signatures and GPS timestamps for documentation.

6. All Communication Hub features in Connecteam

Essentially, Connecteam can replace many of your company’s software and processes with the features already mentioned in this article. However, you can go further by using its Communication center.

The Discuss tool, in particular, allows you to create multiple channels from company-wide to departmental groups and even one-on-one. While you can send comments and messages directly to Teams, Tasks, and Timesheets, it gives you space for general discussions and planning.

This way you won’t have to switch between a messenger like Soft or browse your phone for text messages from employees.

With the Updates tool, you can also send news and announcements with lots of custom design elements to add personality to your messages.

This feature is useful if you don’t have email addresses for all your employees or if they decide to update their personal emails. You can also track engagement to see how many people are reading it.

What’s more, the Phone book helps your staff find and contact each other. Employees will no longer need to use their personal phone numbers or email addresses to collaborate on work projects if they don’t want to.

You can also hide certain people if they’d rather not chat and create restrictions on who can chat with whom.

Ultimately, Connecteam’s communication tools help everyone keep business and people separate and keep your business running smoothly.

Save time and stress with Connecteam

Connecteam is a unique tool for managing your company’s main resource: its employees.

It saves you time by bringing all your tasks together in one place and reducing the number of trips back and forth with your employees. In addition, your staff also benefits from simplified communication and clarity regarding planning and tasks.

If you find that you are constantly searching for information, switching between software and back and forth in communication, this may be the solution you need. Why not sign up for Connecteam’s 14-day free trial and start trying out one of the features listed?

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