The Mainstream Media Is Wrong (Again) Because the Vast Majority of People Support Dancing Doctors on TikTok


We all know how easy it is to pass judgment on extraordinary people who dedicate their lives to saving the lives of others.

Especially when you can judge these saviors and their actions from the comfort of your nice, warm, comfortable and safe office (at home or at work).

Recently, the Daily Mail published an article about the alleged “fury” of TikTok users who seemed to take offense at the fact that two lifeguards decided to burn some calories during their rare break, to set up a little dance routine.

Just to remind people:

A) Paramedics, paramedics, ECAs, etc. have the right to take a break during their 12-hour shift.

B) If a Cat R1 life or death call comes in while paramedics are on break, guess what? They stop their pause and answer it.

C) Paramedics and paramedics are exposed to more emotional stress and horrific situations than the people who write about them from the comfort of their comfortable officers, so they have every right to let off steam and do whatever they want. they want to do during their 20-minute break.

A screenshot of the DailyMail article

Before we move on, I’m glad we managed to sort this out with a little common sense and a dash of emotional intelligence.

The Daily Mail claimed the two paramedics had been ‘hit with complaints’ when in truth the overwhelming majority of social media users were smart enough to understand that paramedics have a right to a break and that ‘they stop their break and answer the 999 calls as those calls come in.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Let’s look at the facts; of the top 20 comments (as displayed by TikTok’s comments algorithm), 17 comments were in favor of the doctors.

This means that on average, 85% of people who commented supported the doctors. Something Kaya Terry, who wrote the Daily Mail article, doesn’t seem to have grasped.

So if you’re a member of the emergency services and you decide that while on a break, when no life or death calls await your response, you want to make a TikTok video, then go ahead and do- the !

85% of the decent and emotionally intelligent public supports you!

We all know that if the control room needs you to answer a call, you’ll give up your break (and your food) to answer the call.

And if you’re reading this and you’re writing for mainstream media, then the next time you see a video like this on social media, just remember that these brave men and women are exposed to trauma every time. that they go to work (not the kind of trauma that involves loss of immobility).

So they have the right to do whatever they want when they have a break (watch the video at the bottom of this article if you need a more visual representation of the kinds of things rescue workers are exposed to).

Maybe people like Kaya Terry from the Daily Mail should volunteer to clean the back of emergency ambulances after a rescue team treats a trauma patient. This task will help them understand what first aiders are exposed to and the life-saving role they play.

When they are done cleaning the back of the emergency ambulance, they can return to their safe work and reflect on what they would do to deal with the very real emotional trauma that comes with working on the front lines of the services. emergency.

Some people tell co-workers about their horrific experiences working on the front lines of emergency services. It helps them deal with what they see. Others turn to humor to let off steam.

Just remember the next time you see a rescuer make a light video during one of their rare breaks.

What caught my eye was the caption the Daily Mail’s social media team added to their post that shared the link to “the story”.

It reads: “Aren’t you supposed to save lives?” (which itself was a comment left on the video by someone who seems to believe paramedics should be working more than 12 hours non-stop).

Well, what do you think they do when they’re not on a 20-minute break during their 12-hour shift to save lives?

By the way, if you want to head over to TikTok to give these two lifeguards some love, then their handle is: Land Rover Medic

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