Support for immigrants will come from taxes

Support for immigrants will come from taxes

The Ledger’s April 12 article “Self-Driven” says the strawberry picking machine can do the job at a rate of six humans simultaneously. That’s great until you remember that the Democrats just allowed over a million illegal immigrants who do this work into the United States and scattered them all over the country. Remember, these are the “jobs Americans won’t do.”

So where do you think all of this welfare for these “anchor babies,” Supplemental Security Income, and other supports that Democrats have created will come from? Taxes are there. Don’t think it will be the rich who will pay for it. These will be the taxes that we the people all pay, such as gas taxes, telephone taxes, food taxes, sales taxes, water taxes, sewer taxes, garbage taxes and all the other little extra taxes that each of us pays. Vote like your take home pay depends on it, because it does.

Donald T. Milligan, Auburndale

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