Stronger together: how to optimize people management

  • Integrate the mission and values ​​in onboarding, hiring and promotion
  • Ask your team for suggestions on how to bring the mission and values ​​to life on a daily basis
  • Incorporate mission and value statements into job descriptions, quarterly checks and performance reviews
  • Add them to meeting agendas and group process guidelines

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Celebrate the strategy

Business strategy can seem a bit esoteric or intoxicating. It’s time to make it happen by connecting the dots between business strategy and the day-to-day work of your team.

In my experience, leaders underestimate the importance of strategic storytelling, crafting a powerful narrative about the future direction of the organization, and staying true to that message in great moments and moments. daily conversations. When we link strategy with mission and values, we reinforce their importance and create endless opportunities to align heads and hearts.

HRDs know how valuable messages are in creating and maintaining a vibrant culture. Coherent strategic storytelling generates substantial gains for organizations. First, a consistent message promotes comfort in times of ambiguity and helps a team navigate uncertainty. Second, strategic storytelling motivates people to lead, whatever their role.

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