SFOC welcomes the support of the people of Balochistan to the forces

Staff Reporter

General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Chief of Staff of the Army (COAS) interacted with the participants of the 8th Balochistan National Workshop at the headquarters.

The interaction is part of a workshop held in Quetta from November 1 to 27; assisted by people related to various fields / segments of society.

Recalling the countless sacrifices of the nation to defeat terrorism, COAS reiterated that the hard-won peace must be vigorously preserved at all costs.

The resolute support of the people of Balochistan for the security forces has enabled the stability of the province and the materialization of progress in socio-economic development projects, COAS noted.

Linking the prosperity of Pakistan to that of Balochistan, SFOC said the nefarious conceptions of forces hostile to Pakistan’s peace and stability are thwarted by a synergistic and comprehensive strategy.

SFOC stressed that the internal and external challenges facing Pakistan require a comprehensive national response.

COAS said that by virtue of the effective management of the western zone, Pakistan was able to stay safe amid the crisis situation inside Afghanistan.

We will continue to ensure our border and internal security which is so vital to national development, said SFOC.

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