Seniors Support Charity Sees Massive Increase in Contacts During Pandemic


A charity that helps seniors age at home has received 1,100 calls a day at the height of the pandemic and has seen prices for services soar, including phone support and its friendship services.

Alone said it received nearly 42,000 calls on its national helpline from March 9 to the end of December last year and, at its peak, it had reached 1,100 calls in one day.

On its own, it supported 14,800 people on an ongoing basis in 2020, a significant 174% increase from 2019 figure, while it saw a 600% increase in phone support and 700%. for the use of his friendship services.

It also increased its number of volunteers to 2,940, up to almost 1,000, while nearly 1,100 seniors were supported with smartphones and tablets and 700 dinners were delivered over Christmas week. .

Positive Aging Week

The numbers are contained in the Alone 2020 annual report, launched at the start of Positive Aging Week.

The association maintained its day-to-day services throughout 2020, despite the challenges of Covid-19, and in his CEO Foreword, Sean Moynihan said, “Alone has decided to stand up and be counted.

“Our focus remains on the elderly and we always make sure to respond in accordance with our vision, mission, values ​​and strategy. We will now focus on growth and quality of service so that we can continue to support and empower as many older people as possible across Ireland. ”

Joe Sheehy, Chairman of the Board of Alone, said: “We have achieved great things as an organization over the past year and, more importantly, we have reached more seniors than ever before. in 2020. “

The charity also remembered those who lost their lives during the pandemic.

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