Popular support is essential for dengue fever prevention: Deputy Commissioner: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Patiala, May 16

The Department of Health, in collaboration with the district administration, organized an intersectoral meeting and an awareness seminar on the occasion of National Dengue Day under the slogan “Dengue is preventable, let’s join hands “, here today.

Speaking on the occasion, Patiala Deputy Commissioner Sakshi Sawhney said the campaign – “Take action every Friday against dengue fever to keep our Patiala dengue free” – would be successful through “community involvement “.

Patiala DC Sakshi Sawhney said dengue fever testing and treatment was provided free of charge in all government hospitals. She also ordered the Ministry of Health to ensure that no one is charged above the capped price of Rs 600 charged for Dengue (Eliza) testing at private labs.

The Deputy Commissioner said that local governments, PDAs and rural development departments in villages and urban wards in the district should work with the Department of Health to identify potential breeding grounds for dengue fever and intensify control. dengue Aedes mosquito eradication campaign.

She stressed that every citizen should check the surrounding area for any water collection from coolers, trays and pots at least once a week on Fridays.

District epidemiologist Dr Sumeet Singh said the Aedes mosquito was responsible for dengue fever, chikungunya and zika virus and its larvae breed in and around houses where there is a collection of clean water .

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