People support the BJP and will form the next J&K government: Ravinder Raina

People support the BJP and will form the next J&K government: Ravinder Raina

Posted on November 26, 2021 | Author RK News

Tangadar, November 25: Addressing a public rally in Tangadar on Thursday, Kupwara, J&K BharatiyaJanata party chairman Ravinder Raina, said the next government in Jammu and Kashmir will be in the BharatiyaJanata party, according to a party statement.

Raina, addressing the rally, said that the NC, the PDP and the Congress have failed miserably to solve the real problems of the common masses for decades together. And although they completely failed to do so, they were busy amassing their own wealth at the cost of the needy common masses, he said and added that people categorically rejected these corrupt parties and even their tops. leaders are now abandoning these family based parties in search of better platforms to serve the masses with sincerity.

Raina said political and social figures from the Jammu and Kashmir region join the BJP on a daily basis, which speaks volumes about the party’s success in winning people’s hearts.

Ravinder Raina added that common people from all regions and communities have come to believe that the BJP, with its strong and dedicated leadership, will solve all their problems without oversight.

He said Prime Minister NarendraModi’s government has worked hard to ensure benefits for everyone in need, regardless of region or religion, without any prejudice.

He also said that on the basis of the principle of “SabkaSaath, SabkaVikaas and SabkaVishwaas”, the Modi government has secured unprecedented development in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Now the people of Jammu and Kashmir have decided to support the BharatiyaJanata party in the next elections and thus help to help us form the next government,” he added.

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