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According to a statement, SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announced that Thailand’s leading facilities management company, PCS Thailand, has invested in SAP® SuccessFactors® as well as the social media integration (SMI) service. to accelerate process efficiencies for 30,000 employees nationwide. , from operating officers to front-line workers. By providing the new intelligent cloud-based HR service online and online application, all administrative tasks will be simplified through automated processes, allowing employees to focus on delivering quality services and building a strong relationship with customers.

Employees at the heart of PCS Thailand’s digital transformation strategy

Trusted by over 5,000 customers in Thailand for providing essential and sustainable facility management services for over five decades, PCS Thailand is the second largest company in the OCS Group with 20 branch offices and 5 safety training centers across all the countries. The group operates in 12 countries, the two largest being the UK and Thailand.

The pandemic has dramatically changed the way people work and the way employees want to be treated by companies. According to David McGeown, Director of Transformation and Technology at PCS Thailand, employers who can demonstrate that they truly care about their employees will be more likely to retain and attract employees in the post-pandemic world.

“We employ over 30,000 people in Thailand, which equates to approximately 75% of our cost base, so it is very important for us to manage available human resources to achieve maximum growth and efficiency. The majority of our employees are front-line workers, including cleaners, security guards, technicians and engineers. They do very hard work on site, so we have to take care of them. We need to break away from traditional working practices and re-evaluate how we can make them feel comfortable and support them, especially for the facility management industry, where employees primarily place their concerns around safety, flexibility and work-life balance. »

To provide efficient services to its customers and to support geographically dispersed employees and operations, PCS Thailand has embarked on its digital transformation journey since 2020.

How SAP SuccessFactors will make work easier for employees

With SAP SuccessFactors, administrative tasks for each employee’s role can be done easily. Employees can clock in and out while working onsite and request vacations in a much simpler process via mobile device. Thanks to an extensive social media integration service from SAP, they will be able to access the new HR system via a Line application, an application that frontline employees are already familiar with in their daily lives.

The benefits of SAP SuccessFactors aren’t just limited to those on the front lines. From a management perspective, it provides tremendous visibility into who has shown up for their shift, in real time, how many positions are filled, and where the organization’s recruiting gaps are. Technology will help free HR from the burden of administration so that it can truly act as an effective HR function.

From a core HR perspective, PCS Thailand will go live with SAP SuccessFactors in July this year which in the first phase will involve migrating payroll for 30,000 people from the legacy system, as well as implementing the best time and attendance solution and social media integration. The recruitment and onboarding module will be ready for use in December this year. While the Development, Benefits and Succession Planning modules will go live in July next year.

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