Other parties curse me, but I have the support of the people, says Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi government will take elderly people to visit Ayodhya, said Arvind Kejriwal (File)

New Delhi:

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Sunday that as long as he has popular support, it doesn’t matter if the BJP and Congress “curse” him for his government’s plan to install the national flag in across town and send the elderly on a free trip to Ayodhya.

The Delhi government announced in its budget for 2021-2022 that it will install the national flag in 500 locations in the city. Finance Minister Manish Sisodia said Rs 45 crore has been set aside in the budget for this purpose.

“The other parties cursed me why I provided free electricity and free rides to women on the buses. People in Congress and BJP taunted me saying that Kejriwal wastes money. have decided to celebrate the 75th independence day by displaying 500 large flags. These parties say the national flag must not be installed, it is a waste of money, “Kejriwal said.

He said the Delhi government would organize for free darshan of Ram Lala after the construction of Ayodhya temple. “No matter how much the other parties curse me, I don’t care as long as I have your love and faith in me,” the chief minister said.

The Delhi government experienced “very difficult” times last year as its tax collection halted and spending increased due to the coronavirus pandemic, Kejriwal said.

“This is a big project that will cost Rs 500 crore. Officials said there was no fund, but I asked them to organize money because I promised a sewer line and roads to Kirari during the parliamentary elections, ”Kejriwal said.

The project will cover the laying of sewer pipes in 114 residential settlements, 105 of which are in Kirari and nine in the mountain sections of Mundka.

Mr Kejriwal said that even if the project was to be completed in four years, it would be ready much sooner and asked people to cooperate.

“The work that we have managed to do in the last five years, other parties have failed to do in 70 years. Two months before the parliamentary elections, BJP leaders said that the recording was taking place. would do in unauthorized settlements. Has anyone obtained a register of their property? ” Mr Kejriwal said.

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