North Carolina man confesses to killing multiple people, search warrant finds


RUTHERFORD COUNTY, NC (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – A North Carolina man jailed on charges related to the disappearance of a South Carolina woman last year has confessed to killing multiple people, according to warrants in the case.

The charges against Daniel Printz relate to the disappearance of Edna Suttles in Greenville County.

On August 27, law enforcement said they were notified of Suttles’ disappearance. Greenville County deputies attempted to locate her through interviews with family and friends, but the investigation came to nothing.

To this day, she still has not been located.

On September 3, authorities found his 2014 jeep parked at a Best Western hotel in Travelers Rest. Officials then reviewed surveillance footage of several surrounding businesses.

CCTV failure

In a CCTV blackout from the day Suttles disappeared, investigators discovered that early that morning a man, identified as Printz, had parked his Chevy Cruze next to Suttles’ Jeep in a parking lot in Food Lion.

When Printz exited the Food Lion, he drove past his Jeep, grabbed a bag from his car, and jumped into the front passenger seat of his Jeep.

The two left, eventually returning to the parking lot.

When they returned, Printz was driving. He got out and got into his Chevy and parked it next to Suttles’ Jeep. He then helped her into her car.

Printz left her in his car, drove his Jeep to the Best Western parking lot, and wiped down the Jeep before driving away.

He returned to his vehicle and drove off with a seemingly motionless Suttles.

Arrest warrant

Printz was identified buying yogurt at a Food Lion when he scanned his frequent customer card. Deputies obtained an arrest warrant for grand larceny based on CCTV.

He was arrested on September 9 at his home. During the search of his home, authorities found several firearms which led to several charges.

Search warrant links Printz to Charlotte’s missing wife

Investigators also found a North Caorlina driver’s license and passport belonging to Nancy Rego of Charlotte, who investigators said had been missing since 2017.

Investigators contacted her family members, who said she was in a relationship with Printz prior to her disappearance. These family members said they communicated via text and email with someone claiming to be Rego.

The individual refused to meet or speak with members of his family.

Further search warrants were eventually completed and Printz’s wife was questioned at the time of the arrest.

To learn more about maintenance and additional search warrants, you can read the federal search warrant document here:

Printz admits to killing multiple people

On October 9, a person helping Printz’s wife remove various domestic fowl kept on the property found a bee box about 75 yards away. The person opened the box and found Suttle’s purse with a string, zip ties and medicine.

This led authorities to obtain a third search warrant for the property.

Investigators also found an empty yogurt container in the bee box that was tested at the SLED forensic services lab. Laboratory tests found traces of cyclobenzaprine, tramadol and lorazepam.

Three interviews were conducted with Printz after his arrest. During the first two – September 9 and 16 – his Miranda rights were read. In his first two interviews, he admitted to traveling with Suttles but claimed he never harmed her.

During the third interview, on October 13, investigators confronted Printz with the new evidence of Suttles’ disappearance. Printz eventually said he wanted to fully disclose his “sins”, acknowledging that he would likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

He said he wanted to ‘purge himself’ of details that law enforcement weren’t even aware of and claimed he ‘hypothetically’ helped a close friend euthanize a family member .

He said “it is one body”. The friend then had feelings of remorse and was going to “tell the story”. Printz described the friend as the “second body”. He went on to tell investigators that another friend he was trying to help was also killed.

Printz said he did not report the death, but instead disposed of the body so he could continue collecting Social Security benefits.

Additionally, he described an incident where someone tried to steal it, but the theft “didn’t work out well for [the robber].” He said that after the attempted robbery he drove to a rural area and got rid of the body.

Asked about Suttles’ disappearance, Printz declined to give details without an attorney. He said he could take law enforcement to Suttles’ location “within a yard”.

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