“Need people’s support for waste management”

SHILLONG, April 18: Tynsong said the government’s plan to have a permanent sanitary landfill for Shillong and Jowai will not come to fruition without the cooperation of the people.
“We wanted to have science-based solid waste management in these landfills, but we don’t have land yet for the permanent sanitary landfill,” Tynsong said.
According to him, as the people, the community and the land owners are not ready to part with their land, the government is delaying the project. The permanent sanitary landfill with all new scientific methods will help separate and process waste.
Stating that it will not be fair to blame the government alone, Tynsong said: “It is the joint responsibility of the community, stakeholders and landowners to ensure that the project comes to fruition. Everyone will benefit from this project.
He said the government is ready to pay compensation for the land which will be acquired based on the assessment of the district collector. He urged people not to blindly oppose the project.
“We are ready to hold consultations and clarify the doubts that are on people’s minds,” Tynsong said.
Expressing concern that garbage is piling up in Jowai town since the government has been unable to secure land for the landfill, Tynsong said the urban affairs department, city council of Jowai and the district administration will find a temporary solution to the problem.

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