Most People Support Gun Safety Measures | Letters to the Editor

America, we have a problem, a gun violence problem. For those in doubt, know that we lead the world with 288 school shootings since 2009. Solutions are difficult, as Republicans in the US Senate have repeatedly blocked actions supported by a majority of Americans – instituting universal background checks, eliminating the sale of military-style weapons. except to collectors, prohibiting the possession or sale of high-capacity magazines, removing firearms from those considered a danger to others or themselves, and requiring gun owners to keep their firearms in a safe place. Note that none of the above infringes the ability of responsible citizens to purchase and possess firearms.

Know this for certain: Republicans in Congress control these results. When and if they will act to legislate these positive deterrents remains to be seen, but their record so far gives no indication that they will. Therefore, a course of action for all of us as concerned citizens is to reach out to our representative and demand that these reforms be enacted into law as soon as possible. Inaction is not an option.

Passing tougher gun control laws won’t guarantee an end to all future shootings, but taking these initial steps is a good start in minimizing the carnage our children are experiencing right now. May God be our guide as we move forward to protect our children and youth.

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