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Moruya Golf Club has seen a marked increase in membership since the COVID-19 outbreak according to figures recently released by Golf NSW. The club saw a 10.7% increase, slightly above the state’s regional average of a 6.4% increase. The Illawarra region saw one of the biggest increases in New South Wales, with Gerringong (20.8), Worrigee Links (20.86) and Jamberoo (34.17) all recording increases more than 20% of the workforce. Tube clubs also saw a massive increase, including big hops at Lane Cove (38.5), Northbridge (35), Penrith (24.7) and Marrickville (49.6). The largest percentage increase in the state is at Teven Valley Golf Club, just northwest of Ballina on the far north coast, which has seen a 159% increase in the past 12 months. A spokesperson for Golf NSW said the membership of New South Wales clubs “was growing at a rate not seen in nearly a generation.” “With the impact of the pandemic now approaching 20 months and most, if not all, organized community sports have been derailed due to COVID, golf has quickly become the essential form of exercise many people seek out.” , they said. “With the increase in demand and the record number of players, it is no small coincidence that the number of memberships is increasing now. What started as a slight increase in memberships during the state’s first lockdown. in 2020 has become a wave of new memberships this year. ” “The first positive signs appeared in the middle of the quarter of 2020, coinciding with the first COVID lockdown,” he said. “Along with many others. The avenues for sport closed during the pandemic, the ability to keep the game open, to ensure that members continue to play while maintaining proper social distancing was essential.” Twelve months later , and we can see from the number of affiliations coming in from across the state, the initial small growth from last year is now turning into something substantial. “The increase in membership is also global. . Not only are we seeing former golfers returning to the sport, but we are also seeing more women, juniors and millennials joining us. “


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