Military operations cannot succeed without the support of the people ― Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has observed that no matter how much money is invested in military operations, they can only succeed if the citizens give their support.

In an address at the opening ceremony of the National Defense College Alumni Association (AANDEC), in Abuja on Tuesday. The President therefore urged Nigerians to take more interest in working with security agencies to address the myriad challenges facing the country.

He hailed the courage and bravery shown by security agencies and service chiefs in promoting peace and order.

The president said more could be done to restore law and order in various parts of the country with the full cooperation of the citizens.

He added, “Security is not just a military concern but a challenge for all Nigerians. No matter how much money is invested in military operations, without the support of the people, the display of patriotism, and the preparation for everyone to be ready to take ownership in securing our environment, success will be limited.

“Therefore, we must look beyond the military and security agencies to find lasting solutions to the security challenges we face.”

President Buhari said the administration has put in place measures to adequately support the Nigerian Armed Forces and other security agencies in terms of modern equipment, bolstering the staffing of all security agencies and by financing their operations in Nigeria and other international missions.

He added, “We have also recently put in place a National Development Plan (2021-2025) covering medium and long term plans, with a vision to make Nigeria a country that has unleashed its potential in all areas. economic sectors for sustainable, holistic and inclusive national development.

“In this regard, we will build a prosperous and sustainable economy while improving access to quality education, strengthening social inclusion and expanding infrastructure, among others. All of these desires can only be achieved in a peaceful and secure environment.

The president said the country’s security services deserved praise for their efforts in tackling issues of banditry, kidnapping and terrorism.

Speaking further, Buhari added, “I am proud of the achievements of security agencies in dealing with the issues of terrorism, insurgency, banditry and so-called unknown gunmen in the North West and other parts of the country.

“These issues and challenges are being professionally handled by the armed forces and other security agencies with enhanced intelligence operations and effective collaboration within the armed forces and other agencies.

“For that, I commend the Chief of Defense Staff, Service Chiefs, Inspector General of Police and all other agencies who have worked day and night to keep lives and property safe. “


President Buhari assured Nigerians that the issue of kidnappings which had plagued the country in the recent past was being tackled with all seriousness.

He said: “We have zero tolerance for kidnappings, especially of school children and we will deal with these outrages decisively. Disruption of our education system and economic activities will not be tolerated.

“I have ordered that all cases related to security breaches, economic sabotage and wanton destruction of life and property throughout the country be immediately addressed.

“Let me add here that the armed forces have been deployed in virtually all states of the Federation to combat all security concerns.”

The President noted that the 2019 National Security Strategy was very clear on all security-related issues, with the need for individuals, the private sector, civil society groups, the media, politicians, traditional institutions and government officials to get involved in the effort.

“Now is the time to strengthen corporate social responsibility and give back to society,” he said.

The President said that policies and strategies at all levels of governance must be properly coordinated and implemented to ensure that Nigerians across the country and in the Diaspora have a sense of belonging, with emphasis on family, socio-cultural and ethical values ​​and on the appropriate education of children.

“We also need to train our future leaders to succeed us effectively. Above all, we must harness the strength of our diversity to ensure a cohesive and forward-looking nation.

“The National Defense College Alumni Association (AANDEC) presented all of this at this National Security Seminar. So I commend the Alumni Association President and his team for their acts of patriotism, support to nation-building and contributing their experience gained in service over the years to enhance national security, peace and development.”

President Buhari urged AANDEC to continue its efforts.

“We will continue to support the Association and I also call on all security agencies to tap into the rich experience of AANDEC members to enhance our security and nation building.

“I look forward to a full report with concrete recommendations, as on previous occasions, to support the government’s efforts. With the caliber of resource people here, I have no doubt that the Seminar will be a success.” , did he declare.

A statement released by Femi Adesina, Special Adviser to the President (Media and Publicity), said in his remarks, Defense Minister Major General Bashir Salihi Magashi (rtd) said Nigerians had shown resilience in the face of challenges. , adding that security teams should also be aware of citizens’ rights.

The minister noted that the government would continue to support the army to ensure the promotion of peace and order.

In his remarks, AANDEC Chairman, Air Commodore Darlington Abdullahi said there was need to change the narrative of the country, adding that Nigerians had left indelible marks in their various fields of endeavour. and had a huge impact on the global economy.

He said redirection efforts must be deliberate, beginning with schools and other public institutions, and must be sustained, emphasizing values ​​that honor such as respect for national symbols, diligence, honesty and integrity.

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Military operations cannot succeed without the support of the people ― Buhari

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