Majority of people support building more separate cycle paths, new research finds

A new study has found that 64% of people are in favor of building more separate cycle lanes, even if it means less road space for cars.

Research from the Department of Transportation found that the majority of people support the deployment of dedicated cycle lanes.

The survey, conducted annually, also found that creating more off-road bike lanes would encourage 55% of us to cycle regularly.

Safer roads in general (53 percent) and better-maintained road surfaces (49 percent) would also help more people to cycle.

Interestingly, people who said none of the options offered would make them ride more bikes were asked why they thought it did.

The most common response given was “cycling is not for people like me” (27 percent).

Despite this, almost two-thirds (64%) supported the creation of dedicated cycle lanes in their area, even though it meant less road space for cars.

DfT table two

Other findings from the report, The National Travel Attitudes Study, included that only 58 percent of respondents felt confident when riding a bicycle.

Of those who have the courage to admit that they were not confident in their cycling skills, 14% said they would like to take a training course.

The survey also looked at the rise of e-bikes and people’s attitudes towards them.

Almost two in three said they still knew very little about them and 51% said they thought e-bikes were too expensive.

However, the idea of ​​being able to try an e-bike in a traffic-free environment (40%) or being loaned one for a month (32%) were both seen as good ways to get more people to use. electric bikes.

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