Learn more about finding people online for free.

Using one of the best free people searches can help you collect information to stay informed or re-establish contact with someone you have lost contact with. While there are many people finder tools on the Internet today, not all are created equal.

Check out some of the most famous and top rated people search websites to see what you can expect. To find someone at the time, you had to knock on doors from one neighborhood to another. Such manual methods of locating or locating a person would undoubtedly take a lot of time, effort and energy.

These processes have been streamlined and digitized over time thanks to numerous technological developments. There is no doubt that technology has helped not only to find long-lost loved ones, but also to maintain long-term relationships. Besides the more than 100 free people search engines, there are a growing number of instant communication apps available to everyone.

Today there is a plethora of useful technical improvements, ranging from devices to applications to software. Today we’re going to explain why you want to use a low cost people search engine like Kiwi Searches. We will explain how the best people search engine works and present a list of useful information that can be obtained by using a reliable and efficient people search engine.

What can a person tracing service be used for?

One of Kiwi Searches’ most popular services is the People Finder. Employers and organizations are not the only ones to use this option; individuals with a variety of personal motivations also use it. Our people’s research reports are becoming more and more popular due to their fast, comprehensive and accurate results.

Some of our clients have chosen to use our simple people search engine to check matches on their online dating sites. Some people have used it to find phone numbers and people searches, free people report. Others use this service to try to locate family members they haven’t seen in years.

What is an online people search?

Simply simple, people search engines provide accurate information about people. This is especially true when searching for people on the best people search website. Such systems collect data from a variety of credible sources, including government agencies and official custodians of public records, all at the same time.

They then store all the data obtained in a safe and secure database, allowing for quick and painless searches. It should be noted that if you choose a completely free people search engine, the information offered may be insufficient.

Kiwi Searches, for example, has undergone a variety of surveys and tests in order to improve our services. We are constantly improving and innovating to ensure that only complete, accurate and error-free staff reports are provided.

Our digital professionals are always on the lookout for the latest software and updates to protect all your data from malware and hackers. All of these initiatives aim to speed up the data collection process, which can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

You can find out more about the person you’re looking for, sexual offense history, criminal history, privileges and judgments, and more from public records. In addition, rest assured that all searches carried out on our site are private; no one, including the wanted person, will be alerted. As a result, while we are not exactly a free people search engine, we guarantee that you get what you pay for. Expect the following when using Kiwi searches:

Fast exits

The data in its entirety

Reliable reports


Find long forgotten friends

When searching for long lost old school or college knowledge, physically scrolling through hundreds of pages in a softcover phone book, it can seem impossible. It is tiring and impractical.

The Internet has paved the way for automated directories of public archives, using current technologies. With the push of a button, Kiwi Searches reduces search hours to seconds. Information such as family history and person’s address will be provided after your search on Kiwi Searches, making it easy for you to narrow down and identify if you have found the person you are looking for.

Finding long-lost friends by manually flipping through thousands of pages of phone books may be possible, but it will definitely waste a lot of your time and effort. Searching for them individually on social media sites or in web browsers would help, but it would take too long. Kiwi Searches is the perfect option if you need to contact a friend that you haven’t heard from in a long time.

At Kiwi Searches, we use cutting edge technology to provide an automated public folder directory. Finding long-lost friends is as easy as a few clicks, thanks to our up-to-date database and advanced technologies. Information such as contacts, addresses and relatives will be disclosed after you search for the person’s name.

Your child’s location

Have you made the difficult decision to place your child for adoption and now want to know where he is? In terms of price, Kiwi Searches may not be a completely free people finder, but we certainly give top results. The ultimate goal of the new person tracing service is to reconnect families. Whatever the reason for the separation, we appreciate a parent’s desire to know where their child is or what their current situation is.

Despite our technological advancements, it can be difficult to find your child. You are likely to find them using the People Search database, especially if they live in the United States.


Kiwi Searches is a personal search engine, public information directory, and background checker that allows anyone to perform quick, easy, and inexpensive background checks. Person, phone, address, criminal, sex offender, bankruptcy, privileges and judgments are among the seven categories of research reports we provide.

Simply type a person’s name, phone number, or location into the search bar on the appropriate Kiwi Searches page. You will have access to your own personal data after starting a trial or purchasing a full subscription, where you can check your research report.

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