King’s Lynn Human Capital Department Offers Advice on People Management and Coronavirus

Lynn-based director of the human capital department and regular Lynn News columnist Peter Lawrence has offered advice to companies that may be affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

He said: “A building and construction company on the North Norfolk coast recently contacted us saying four of their employees had ‘self-isolated’ with symptoms of coronavirus.

“Recent changes to government guidance mean employees are now required to be off work for 14 days. Those who are advised to self-isolate due to the coronavirus outbreak are entitled to receive the PFS from day 1 – not day 4 – of their illness, although the current rate is only £ 94.25 per week.

Peter Lawrence, Director of the Human Capital Department (30869197)

“The government has also said it will introduce legislation to allow small and medium-sized businesses to recover Statutory Sickness Benefits (SSP) paid for sick leave due to COVID-19.

“Another of our local clients is considering layoffs and short-time working. Employers can fire employees – that is, ask them to stay home or take unpaid leave – when they cannot temporarily give them paid work – as long as the employment contract allows. .

“In our client’s case, no contractual rights existed, so we wrote a letter requesting employee consent on this, which we are happy to share with Lynn News readers. is when an employee works reduced hours or is paid less than half a week’s salary Firing staff, or working part-time, can help avoid layoffs – but employers must first agree with the staff.

“Employees are entitled to ‘statutory warranty payments’ if employers do not provide them with a full day of work during the time they would normally be required to work. The maximum payout is £ 25 per day for five days over three months (i.e. £ 125).

“Employees can claim severance pay if the layoff or short-time work lasts four or more weeks in a row, or six or more weeks in a 13-week period, where no more than three are in a row. If employers do not make “statutory warranty payments” to someone who is entitled to them, they may face legal action in the labor court.

The government has set up a Business Support Line: tel. 0300 456 3565 Otherwise, please contact the Human Capital Department for updates and advice on personnel management on 01553 401781 or on our website: “

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