iOS 15.2 Finally Lets People Search Apple Music Playlists

The imminent release of iOS 15.2 will allow Apple Music subscribers to finally search a playlist. This feature is not something currently available although it is what people have requested.

At the time of writing, iOS 15.2 is in its third beta and is available to developers as well as those in the public beta program. However, it’s unclear when the update will be available for everyone.

In the meantime, here’s how 9to5Mac describes the situation with iOS 15.2 installed.

It’s a long-requested feature for Apple Music, and it’s rather surprising (frustrating?) That it took so long to add it. Of course, in typical Apple fashion, the search bar is hidden in the user interface. To find the new search box, open a playlist in the Music app on your iPhone, then swipe down from the top of the box to view the new “Search” field.

Some people will still prefer Spotify and other streaming apps, but others will say without hesitation that Apple Music is the best iPhone service and app for listening to music, especially for anyone who has other Apple services as well. . The Apple One subscription includes Apple Music as well as other services like Apple TV + and Apple Arcade, for example.

Whether you are an Apple Music user or not, it is clear that this change in functionality should be very well received once iOS 15.2 is made available to everyone.

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