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In any organization, there are people of different calibers. Some are considered to work well as a team; others do better as individuals, while others just need to be motivated to work hard.

Managing these differences and aligning the whole team can be quite difficult and for this reason, extensive people management skills in any organization are very essential.

Menelas Nkotanyi, software engineer at Arc grid Consultant company ltd, believes that as leaders it is important to keep in mind that your team matters and also should not neglect their management skills as this has an impact positive on the organization as a whole.

However, people management is all about managing people in the workplace and, more importantly, making sure those people are staffed and have everything they need to do their job.

Nkotanyi says that when you manage others, it just means you pay attention and care about your team, which can mean looking after their well-being while helping them overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

When you manage people well, it helps to increase the sense of belonging. Sharp picture.

“When you manage your team well with the right skills as a leader, it can help you not only as an individual but also as a team to produce good quality work and grow into a successful business or organization. prosperous,” he said.

Career coach Leah Mukaneza says that for those who are expected to manage others, having good communication skills is necessary as it will help you communicate with others effectively.

This, she says, helps manage professional or employee behavior and create teams that are more satisfied, motivated, skilled and committed to organizational goals.

“At the end of the day, I think it plays an important role when it comes to generating better results for the organization. Also, when you communicate well, it will motivate people to work hard because they are assured that ‘there’s always someone to listen and share your grievances as well,’ she says.

Mukaneza also advises employers or those charged with leading others to stay away from the narrative that whenever there is motivation, financial incentives must be attached.

“Personally, I believe that the ways to achieve this objective in terms of motivation are diverse and can vary between individuals. As leaders, we have a role to play in supporting and inspiring others, which revolves around managing others,” she says.

Still on communication, she says it is an important point for people management and business success. For this reason, it must be clear, objective and accessible.

On the other hand, Nkotanyi says that when you want to manage people effectively there is a need to work in a team as it becomes even more essential if done effectively as it helps each member to understand their role in the team. and align with the organization. Goals.

When you manage people well, he says, it also creates the right environment for everyone to feel comfortable, which increases overall productivity.

Meanwhile, when you manage people effectively and professionally, experts believe it helps to increase a sense of belonging, shows how important everyone is to the company, and how much their work contributes to the achievement of company goals.

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