HRtech Startup GoEvals Helps Businesses Use AI-Based Tools for People Management

Human resources (HR) processes including hiring, management, interviews, selection, etc. can be time consuming, lengthy and costly for businesses, and a technological breakthrough is essential in this segment. .

Dr. Gaurav Hirey, who has over two decades of HR experience, believes that most of the available HR technology solutions tend to be IT-centric and therefore difficult to implement for companies in other industries vertical.

With the aim of solving the challenges of technology and digitization in the human resources sector, Dr Gaurav launched Startup RHtech GoEvals in 2019 with his wife Swati hirey and Manish Menon. Swati has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years and Manish brings over 22 years of HR experience.

The start offers AI-powered tools for managing people across the employee lifecycle. The SaaS platform went live in October 2020.

Speaking with YourStory, explains Dr. Gaurav, the AI-enabled tools offered by GoEvals help companies solve problems with high investments and long implementation cycles, among others. This is the AI ​​and ML algorithm collects and analyzes candidate data and presents it to the appropriate recruiting companies.

“Having worked on several HR technology projects for over a decade, we realized that the success rate of these technologies was abysmal. The destruction in terms of huge investments, effort, time and even failed careers that it left in its wake was very serious. Being personally aware of many good HR professionals who have struggled to implement technology and due to the complex nature of the solutions they were unable to provide thus limiting their careers through no fault of their own , we decided to create GoEvals ”, explains Dr Gaurav.

The GoEvals team currently consists of 11 members. [Image Credit: GoEvals]

Simplify HR technology

Explaining the operations, Dr Gaurav says that the start is develop nine tools to support companies in selecting candidates, identifying employees and monitoring organizational performance.

“We have currently put two of our tools online, including our patent-pending Compatibility Index Test, which is an ingenious compatibility tool, and the Video Interview Platform, which eliminates the need for have the interviewer and interviewee present at the same time. Our product deployment plan will be completed by July 2021, “he adds.

Explaining more about operations, Dr Gaurav says GoEvals collects data points shared by a job seeker during the interview or selection process. The platform uses ML to match candidates with hiring managers if their data is compatible with the parameters set by the hiring company and predicts a result.

“Data is received and then presented as real-time individual candidate reports using descriptive and predictive analytics. These reports make effective use of easy-to-understand graphics, text, and visuals. They provide information to effectively predict the success or failure of those who pass the tests. Each result has been scientifically validated, allowing hiring managers to make hiring decisions based on data instead of using hunches, ”he explains.

Illustration: GoEvals

Business and more

GoEvals runs on a subscription-based model with plans starting at Rs 1,500 plus tax per month. It also offers a 15% discount to companies opting for annual plans.

“We intend to make the technology readily available to small and medium-sized businesses as well, so our pricing plans change based on users and the functionality required. However, we extend an unlimited number of tests, video interviews and responses to our customers, which means they can use GoEvals freely without worrying about limitations, ”adds Dr. Gaurav.

While the co-founder declined to share more customer details, he added that the platform went live in October and claims to have 13 clients on board, and is on track to integrate 50 clients by March 2021.

According to a 2020 report by Grand View Research, the human resource management market is expected to reach $ 38.17 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 11.7% from 2020 to 2027.

Some notable players, including Trabaajo Inc, EdGE Networks Pvt. Ltd., Darwinbox, and Dockabl use AI to fill gaps in the recruiting process.

Speaking about future plans, Dr Gaurav explains that GoEvals is currently focused on launching all nine tools and hiring teams for business and technology development. The startup has 11 team members and aims to have around 30 people by the end of 2021.

It reveals that the startup bootstrap is also in talks to raise funds, which is expected to be announced by mid-2021.

“We are also in talks with several partners to launch the product internationally. We intend to launch into at least two Asian markets and the United Arab Emirates by the end of 2021, ”he adds.

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