How did people search for Covid on Google in the UK in 2020?

It’s been over a year since Scotland had its first case of Covid-19, with Google showing how the UK has sought information amid the global pandemic.

Although there has been disinformation spread on social media, many have turned to news sources for updates on the situation. Google Trends and its Coronavirus tool now allow us to see how trends have changed over the past year.

One of the interesting aspects of the coronavirus pandemic was the renaming of what users called the disease. Until September 2020, Coronavirus was the primary search term, however, it was quickly overtaken by Covid, with the map below showing the various search trends.

A subsequent graph from Google Trends also shows the top related queries used in the search engine, with daily deaths and cases of Covid in local areas topping the search graphs.

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Herald Scotland:

The search engine also helps to capture the mood of nations around the world and shows the different stages in which many countries are currently.

In the past week, Germany recorded the most searches for information relating to the coronavirus, with Austria, Palestine, Switzerland and Israel in the top 5.

Herald Scotland:

In addition, the UK has the second highest number of foreclosure searches with Scotland and many more in the UK still living under restrictions.

Herald Scotland:

Google’s coronavirus research tools also provide an opportunity to see what the main research has been in the UK – and indicate a spike in interest in certain topics. Indeed, according to Google’s own data. Interest in vaccine research has reached an all-time high in the UK.

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Herald Scotland:

The 5 main questions regarding vaccinations are:

1. What vaccine did the queen have?

2 Where is Moderna vaccine made?

3 How to cancel the vaccine covid appointment?

4 Can we drink alcohol after the covid vaccine?

5 How many people in the UK have been vaccinated against covid?

The Google Trends tool also provides insight into interests over time with preventative measures for the UK causing spikes in search terms.

Herald Scotland:
Unsurprisingly, face masks were the most sought-after items, with users keen to know where they could buy face masks and also which masks could be used.

Herald Scotland:

As for the symptoms, we can also see what users have been looking for and if that was related to Covid.

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