How Adhaan Solution drives people management in Gujarat with its tailor-made HR services

The importance of human resources in an organization is easily overlooked. Yes, you might have a great idea, new technology, great marketing strategies in place, but people are still the most important element that determines the success or failure of an organization. As American businesswoman Mary Kay Ash once said, “A business is only as good as the people it keeps. While this does not directly affect how your business performs today, over time the right or wrong talent could make or break your business growth dramatically.

A company with a vision of establishing revolutionary revelations in HR solutions and initiating a new wave in the industry is Adhaan Solution Pvt. Ltd., founded by Bhavna Undernani in 2010.

The founding story and the challenges

Bhavna, who has over 12 years of experience in the human resources industry, learned the art and science of people management and staffing while working at Teamlease for 5 years. She found her entrepreneurial vocation in 2010 and, together with the co-founder and director, Dheeraj Vanjani, started the consultancy firm Adhaan Solution in Gujarat, Ahmedabad.

Being a seeded business, initially it was difficult to achieve growth. With limited funds, they had to keep their tech and talent costs under control to make ends meet. But in two and a half years they managed to break even and since then the growth has increased significantly year by year. Today it has grown into a profitable business of Rs 200 crore.

“Our patience, dedication, integrity, loyalty and most importantly our USP – the best services – are key values ​​that have helped me overcome challenges. Our mission is to continually develop and strengthen our deliverables and realize our dream of reaching the top of HR. solutions, “ said Bhavna Undernani, Founder and Managing Director, Aadhan Solution.

Offered services

As one of the fastest growing HR solutions companies in the state, Adhaan Solution offers various tailor-made services and support to its clients. These are:

  • Payroll management – Ensure the well-being of employees by helping human resources management provide timely and accurate salary payments and deductions to employees.
  • Temporary staff – Provide temporary services to clients looking to hire candidates to work on short projects and save employment costs.
  • Permanent recruitment – Provide experienced and dedicated human resources professionals who will help you find the perfect candidate for each position.
  • Hiring of expatriates – Provide guidance and professional fit to candidates looking to start from scratch in a new country.
  • Labor law compliance management – Take a proactive approach to cover the legal obligation to ensure that organizations comply with industry rules, regulations or laws.

Several factors make Adhaan Solution stand out in the market, including cost-effective recruiting services and TAT, punctual and accurate payroll processing, 100% audit authorization, 100% documentation, liaison with the government and more compliance constraints.

Achievements and the way to go

Today in the HR solutions industry, Adhaan is a force to be reckoned with. With its head office in Ahmedabad and branches in 9 Indian states, the 120-member team has successfully placed more than 90,000 employees since its inception. They have also been recognized in the tapping industry by the Government of India.

Going forward, Adhaan Solution has resolved to be one of the top five players in the recruitment industry within two years and plans to expand in South and East India.

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