Entrivo de dormakaba shows why AI is now the engine of people management


Artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics are now synonymous with high-tech security. Many companies use this technology as a backbone of their security and people management strategies. Leading provider of smart access control and security solutions dormakaba is a case in point, and its Entrivo solution is a powerful example of how the Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized access control.

Entrivo is a digital IoT service for automatic door operators that provides a complete view of the operation and performance information of connected doors from any location.

The solution makes it possible to retrieve data via the cloud, transfer it securely and store it. This makes it possible and much easier to access remote monitoring of large or decentralized door systems for example.

In addition, Entrivo allows the recording and retrieval of trends in the use of inputs and outputs. All of this can be done through a dormakaba portal or direct API access, which allows integration into your own monitoring systems.

The current trend in today’s market is to use technology that is easily integrated, fully automated, promotes zero contact, and is cost effective to implement and manage.

dormakaba said that there is a growing global trend for businesses to seek smart and connected options to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The innovative dormakaba Entrivo connected door solution delivers just that, in addition to offering a unique, reliable and robust approach to the future of automatic doors.

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