DSA to set data standard for vulnerable people services

The Data Standards Authority (DSA) asked for input on creating a data standard to help vulnerable people find information about relevant services.

He challenged to find an agreed standard for utility data directories, saying it should help users and support workers find reliable and specific information relevant to their needs and where they are. live.

He said it should allow everything to be found in one place, referred to the Open Referral UK data standard as an option for adoption, and said the Adur and Worthing councils have already provided good example scenarios of specific user needs.

Among its requirements are the definition of a single data structure, a description of the data elements that make up a rich service record, a non-exclusive means of exchanging data between software products, and plain language for querying service directories. .

The GitHub page will be open for comments until May 28.

Explaining the current gaps, the DSA said: “Finding reliable information simply and quickly, and ideally from a single source, can be a challenge.

Need for simplicity

“Unfortunately, the process is often not easier for those who work within an organization that provides these services. A single organization can contain several data directories, all of varying quality and depth.

“It can be confusing enough to navigate, but data quality issues can also cause organizations – or even separate departments within them – to lose confidence in the interoperability of their data with other services. This means they can create even more of their own data silos, instead of reusing existing data from across the service network.

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