COMPASS Survey Finds 92% of People Support High Capacity Transit in Treasure Valley

More than 11,700 people responded to a survey on preferences for a possible high-capacity mass transit system from Caldwell to Boise.

BOISE, Idaho – Although a transit system in the Treasure Valley is probably still decades away at best, thousands of people have expressed support for using one in one. recent poll conducted by the Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho, or COMPASS.

More than 11,700 people responded to a survey on preferences for a possible high-capacity mass transit system from Caldwell to Boise, according to COMPASS.

The survey found that 92% of respondents would support or use public transport at least occasionally if it met their needs. Only 6% said they would not support or use it and 2% said they needed more information before drawing a conclusion.

People said that the stops and times of the transit system were the most important factors in deciding whether or not to use it, 41% and 25%, respectfully.

“The process of planning and building a high-capacity mass transit system takes decades,” said Rachel Haukkala, associate planner of COMPASS, in a statement. “While the survey results are primarily in favor of high-capacity transit, it will be many years before final decisions are made or a system is in place. Any future plan would include a significant additional public contribution and would require public support for funding. “

This was the third COMPASS survey to assess people’s opinions on a possible transit system in Treasure Valley. This survey was conducted between January 19 and February 27 and 11,706 people participated.

The survey included a full-scale vote on the investment compromise; building the cheapest option at a more expensive investment may be better in the long run. This question received 10,832 people and 6,138 said they voted “More expensive could be a better investment”.

COMPASS also asked people to mark on a map where they typically go for work, home, entertainment, errands and other destinations before the COVID-19 pandemic.

In each location, at least 89% of people in each category reported using a personal vehicle to get to their destination. If public transit was an option, 61% of people said they would use it to get to work, 69% said they would do it for entertainment, 49% for errands and 66% for d ‘other destinations.

The survey also asked people how often they would use or support a transit system that meets their needs. Out of 9,787 participants, 5,819 said they would use it regularly, 2,735 would use it occasionally, 422 would support it but never use it, 621 would not support or use it, and 170 reported having need more information before responding.

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