CancerCare launches new youth support group in Kendal

A new group that aims to provide fun, friendship and support to young people touched by cancer or bereavement is expected to open in South Lakeland next week.

CancerCare invites young people aged 12 to 17 to its Re-Fresh peer support group which will meet at its center on Blackhall Road and offer a variety of engaging activities including arts and crafts, kitchen and carpentry.

The group will be led by experienced youth leaders and will act as a non-judgmental space designed to lift critically ill young people out of their grief and help them make new friends and support others in similar situations.

The Kendal group is an extension of the service which has been operating in its Lancaster center for two years and which has made it possible to support dozens of young people.

And the first Kendal group will take place on Tuesday, May 18 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and will meet every two weeks at the Lakes Center. One weekend per month there will be a full day of organized outdoor activities.

CancerCare Youth Action Officer Lou Andrews said: “Children are just as affected by emotions such as grief as adults, but their age means they are sometimes less able to show what they are. they feel through words. They often express their emotions through their behavior and their interaction with others and the world around them.

“The support of their friends and peers can have an incredibly positive effect on a young person’s mental and physical well-being and this is at the heart of our peer support group Re-Fresh Young People,” a- she added.

Re-Fresh also offers a full program of activities during the school holidays, including outdoor adventures such as canoeing, swimming and building a den, as well as trips to the movies, theater and games. cocooning days.

For more information, contact Lou Andrews of CancerCare at or call 01524 381820.

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