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The best people search engines and services make it easy and easy to locate a lost person or relative, and verify that they are who they say they are.

This is especially useful because search engines are not the best locators. They will tell you if someone has a website or profile on the Internet, however, they are not good at telling you where they are, what they are doing, or who they are living with.

If you are trying to track down a long lost acquaintance or a distant relative or need to make sure that someone you have met for the first time in your life is actually the one claiming to be a search engine is a more option. effective.

As you can see from our pick of the best people search websites, there are many distinctions between these services. Some may provide information about an individual’s work but not their educational background, others include social media, while others provide information about the person’s business interests and assets. If you want to perform employment checks, you will need to perform a background check service.

Here is our pick of the best people search engines available.

People Search Finder is the best service and 2021 engines

1. Intelius

Find out about the relationships people have.

REASONS to buy

  • + Provides data on education

  • + Excellent data visualization

  • + Unique reports and subscription options

Each people search presents information in its own way, but we love the method Intelius uses. It displays the people in the form of a graph with a spider, which makes it easy to understand how the different people in the report are interconnected. The underlying data is also good as it contains their education history – an important additional data source when trying to find someone or check their resume.

You can also sign up for Intelius Premier Plus, which gives you unlimited searches every month. It allows you to search for anyone’s name or number anytime you want.

People Search Finder is the best service and 2021 engines

2. Seeker of truth

A well-designed service that produces great results.

REASONS to buy

  • User-friendly

  • Impressive research results

  • + Self-monitoring capacity

TruthFinder is a plethora of services that provide a variety of background checks. However, its main strength is the ability of this product to locate people and provide a variety of information about people.

TruthFinder search results are accessible to private and public databases. They are also able to extract information from various sources including criminal records, social media, etc.

There are some fascinating options, like self-monitoring tools that allow you to find out what others might be looking for in you. There is also a reverse phone number lookup that you can use to determine who is behind a particular phone number, as well as a full report on the individual, not just their name.

TruthFinder has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Overall, this is one of the best people finder services available. It’s expensive for the high-quality results offered, although it’s not a cheap option, however, if you pay monthly and use TruthFinder for a significant amount, the service will likely be worth the investment.

People Search Finder is the best service and 2021 engines

3. Instant checkmate

Excellent, inexpensive and accurate

REASONS to buy

  • + Good value for money

  • + Precise data

  • + Good research tools

  • Wide range of search terms

Instant Checkmate appears to search for all possible registers. It might even reveal if there are any registered sex offenders living nearby. It has an extensive report on criminal history, marriage and assets. However, the website layout puts a lot of emphasis on what seems like an endless stream of progress bars and terrifying warnings about what information you can find. It’s a bit off, but we can see why it’s a good idea to be cautious.

Two pricing plans are available, both of which provide unlimited reporting. A monthly subscription is expensive compared to other options, but it is an extremely comprehensive subscription that allows you to search not only for criminal records, addresses and phone numbers and other details such as bankruptcies and gun licenses. There is also a quarterly plan which offers the same services but offers a discount compared to the monthly plan.

People Search Finder is the best service and 2021 engines

4. Research in the United States

Affordable, simple and efficient

REASONS to buy

  • + Good value for money

  • + Easy search

  • + Real-time data

Searching in the United States can be a great alternative for some people. However, you should know that marriage information is currently only available in eleven US states. Service isn’t ideal in any specific area, but overall it’s impressive value for money.

The cheapest plan only provides one report on an individual. There are plans to provide more frequent reporting which could also include the use of social media and public information.

A monthly plan allows users to perform unlimited searches. If you think you need more time, you can go for the quarterly plan to generate unlimited reports.

People Search Finder is the best service and 2021 engines

5. People search

A safe bet for a complete service

REASONS to buy

  • + Comprehensive and high-quality reports

  • + Includes commercial information

  • + Easy to use

PeopleFinders offers a range of options for locating people. It uses over 43 billion records to provide details on over 250 million Americans.

Although the main service advertised is background check, other options are also available. For example, you can perform an address search to find out not only who has lived in the property, but also the entire history of the property, which is useful for buyers looking to relocate.

Another option is to search a database of criminal records. This allows you to view court records for everything from traffic violations to arrests and more. Additionally, you can perform less invasive checks, such as reverse phone lookups, to make sure you can recognize callers before you dial the number.

People Search Finder is the best service and 2021 engines

6. Been Verified

Fantastic service which is also reasonably priced

REASONS to buy

  • Ideal for employment history

  • There is a lot of information in the results of a search

  • Good overall value

BeenVerified is an application that covers all requirements and allows searching using a variety of information (including vehicle information details, for example). The main advantage is that it can also analyze work history, but on the contrary, the main disadvantage is that there is no choice for individual reports. You must subscribe to monthly billing which grants the user unlimited access to reports.

There are two options, one of which is a monthly subscription. The alternative is a less expensive option that requires a three-year agreement. With the cost, you can access information that includes more than the basics, as well as information on social media, including criminal records, as well as property information. It is also possible to find unclaimed property in your name. There are plenty of leads worth investigating, regardless of the lack of individual reports, which can make selling more difficult for those who aren’t so savvy.

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