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January 25: NIFT Alumni Neha Chandra’s app, Task Tracker, helps small businesses with low-literacy teams increase employee productivity, efficiency, and accountability. It helps small and medium enterprises or SMEs leverage technology to improve business practices and enables them to contribute to the global value chain.

Today, the SaaS sector is still nascent in India. While most of the global companies have trusted the dynamic Indian SME system, there is still a need for SaaS tools in the Indian SME space to bridge the technical gap. The need is so critical that there is an estimated $8.7 billion market opportunity. This has spurred a new generation of opportunistic female entrepreneurs like Neha Chandra to take over India’s vibrant SME ecosystem.

With over a decade of experience in the technology sector, Neha Chandra and her husband Rishabh Chandra are well versed in SMEs and the significant help that technology can have in running a business. So, realizing the current difficulties faced by SMEs amid the Covid 19 pandemic, they launched Task Tracker, a SaaS tool to increase business efficiency.

Most SME managers and owners in India were looking for a simple yet smart solution to effectively delegate tasks, manage task workflows and work collaboratively. Task Tracker aims to be that solution for them by being a simple tool that increases the productivity of business teams by leveraging delegation and collaboration.

“More than 300 companies have adopted our tool in less than 4 months after its launch via our web portal and our mobile application. We have noticed that many hospitals, e-commerce portals and manufacturing units have taken great interest in our app, Task Tracker, as it would help them better manage their teams,” shares Neha Chandra, CEO and Co-Founder of Task Tracker.

As of today, there are only 13.5 to 15.7 million women-owned businesses in India. This means that businesses owned by Indian women make up only 20% of all businesses. But Neha Chandra aims to change these stakes by embarking on the ultimate quest despite all the obstacles. She wants to empower women entrepreneurs or women-owned businesses with smart technologies to help them reach their true growth potential.

Neha adds, “We plan to strengthen the value proposition of SMEs and women-owned businesses by adding several offerings such as Sales Tracker, Budget Tracker, Production Tracker and Ticket Tracker. These tools would definitely provide a complete toolbox that an SME would need to be successful. »

The duo plans to onboard more than 62,000 SMEs over the next 12 months. Their vision is to have more than 10 Lakh SMEs become regular users of the Task Trackers toolkit by the end of 2025.

Learn more about task tracking at https://tasktracker.in

Follow Neha Chandra at https://www.linkedin.com/in/chandraneha

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